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Phil Pearce

Founder & CEO of MeasureMinds

Talk Title: GTM as a Game Changer + Future of GTM

Talk Time: 12:10 – 13:10 (UK time)

Jodi Daniels

Jodi Daniels

Founder & CEO of Red Clover Advisors

Talk Title: What Brands Need to Know from a Privacy Perspective

Talk Time: 13:15 – 13:55 (UK time)

Julian Juenemann

Founder of Measureschool

Talk Title: 10 Things to Master GTM

Talk Time: 14:00 – 14:40 (UK time)

Ritvik Sharma profile picture

Ritvik Sharma

Associate Director, Data and Analytics at Chain Reaction

Talk Title: Rapid Prototyping with GTM: Hacks for Immediate Impact

Talk Time: 15:00 – 15:40 (UK time)

Fred Pike

Fred Pike

Managing Director of Northwoods

Talk Title: Making GTM Work for You: Fred’s Practices

Talk Time: 15:45 – 16:25 (UK time)

Alexander Kirtzel

Alexander Kirtzel

Co-Founder & CTO of elbwalker

Talk Title: Why and how to start implementing tag management at the core

Talk Time: 16:30 – 17:10 (UK time)

Marie Remešová

Marie Remešová

Web analyst of Archetix

Talk Title: Server side GTM – Cake Delivery Approach

Talk Time: 17:15 – 17:55 (UK time)

Benjamin Kuehn

Benjamin Kuehn

Customer Solutions Engineer at Google

Talk Title: How to use the GTM API to Migrate Analytics Tags in GTM to GA4 & manage those tags in Bulk in GTM

Talk Time: 18:10 – 18:50 (UK time)

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Our past speakers

Lea Pica

Data Storytelling Trainer

Talked On: The PICA Protocol™ Prescription for Healthy, Actionable Data Storytelling

Talked At: GA4ward MKI

Julie Brade

Director of Measurement for MeasurementMarketing.io

Talked On: How to Know exactly where to optimize your user journey with GA4

Talked At: GA4ward MKI

JJ Reynolds

Founder at Mediauthentic

Talked On: GA4 Reporting Using Data Studio For Action

Talked At: GA4ward MKI

Alex Langshur

Alliance Chief Growth Officer

Talked On: GA4 in the Exec Suite: educating ahead of the looming data shift

Talked At: GA4ward MKI

Michael Patten

Data Strategist at Launch Online

Talked On: GA4 & Google Ads: Pedigree Chums

Talked At: GA4ward MKI

Charles Farina

Head Of Innovation

Talked On: Advanced GA4 Tips & Tricks

Talked At: GA4ward MKI

Fred Pike

Managing Director at Northwoods

Talked On: Tracking User Interactions in GA4 for a B2B Site

Talked At: GA4ward MKI

Jeff Sauer

Founder of Jeffalytics

Talked On:  The GA4 Process Toolbox: How you can eliminate trial and error and raise the bar with your GA4 implementation

Talked At: GA4ward MKI

Zach Randall

Founder of ListenLayer

Talked On: Facing the Hard Truth About GA4

Talked At: GA4ward MKII

Chris Mercer

Measurement Marketer at MeasurementMarketing.io

Talked On: Applying a Measurement Framework to Unlock the Power of GA4

Talked At: GA4ward MKII

Alex Cruz

CEO at PenPath

Talked On: Using GA4 for E-commerce Growth

Talked At: GA4ward MKII

John Lovett

VP, Analytics & Insights

Talked On: GA4 Migration Procrastinators: There’s Still Time!

Talked At: GA4ward MKII

Sofiia Bychkovska

Lead Analytics Trainer at MeasureSchool

Talked On:  5 Ways to Leverage GA4 for PPC Marketers

Talked At: GA4ward MKII

Julius Fedorovicius

Founder of Analytics Mania

Talked On:  Do’s and Don’ts of a GA4 migration

Talked At: GA4ward MKII

Glenn Schmelzle

Founder of Marketing What's New

Talked On: BigQuery: How Google Analytics 4 Integrates with the Google Cloud Platform

Talked At: GA4ward MKII

Stéphane Hamel

Graduate Teaching Assistant of FSA ULaval

Talked On:  ChatGPT Unleashed!

Talked At: GA4ward MKIII

Ralph Spandl

Head of Data Visualization of Supermetrics

Talked On: User journey visualizations with GA4 data

Talked At: GA4ward MKIII

Ahmad Kanani

Founder & CEO of Siavak Analytics

Talked On: Dealing with GA Quotas in Looker Studio

Talked At: GA4ward MKII

Jim Sterne

President at Target Marketing at Santa Barbara

Talked On:  Care and Feeding of Digital Analysts

Talked At: GA4ward MKIII

Navah Hopkins

Evangelist at Optymyzr

Talked On: GA4 for PPCs: The What & How of what PPCs need in GA4

Talked At: GA4ward MKIII

Matteo Zambon

Founder of Tag Manager Italia

Talked On: GA4 Secrets: best practices and technical solutions to usage and implementation problems

Talked At: GA4ward MKIII

Artem Korneev

Analytics Developer at Measureminds

Talked On: Getting to know Dataform & How to Use it with GA4

Talked At: GA4ward MKIII

Krista Seiden

Founder of KS Digital

Talked On: GA4 FTW!

Talked At: GA4ward MK4

Mary Owusu

CEO of Sprint Marketer & Leadsable

Talked On: The SCORE system for becoming GA4-confident 

Talked At: GA4ward MK4

André Mafei

Founder of Upmize

Talked On: Democratizing Advanced Digital Analytics and GA classic mode in Looker Studio.

Talked At: GA4ward MK4

Wasim Ullah

Founder of Safia Saif

Talked On: Build Your Marketing Strategy with Google Analytics 4

Talked At: GA4ward MK4

John Woods

Director of Sharp Ahead Ltd

Talked On: Managing niche B2B PPC: What to do When You Haven’t Got Enough GA4 PPC Conversion Data

Talked At: GA4ward MK4

Kevin Swelsen

Digital Analytics & Tag Management specialist

Talked On: Digital Analytics, GA4 and the state of data privacy and tracking in 2023

Talked At: GA4ward MK4

Naomi Smulders

Data Scientist at Online Dialogue

Talked On: How to mine your customer journey from GA4 data in BigQuery

Talked At: GA4ward MK4

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